November 22, 2009

Onboard Vehicle Power Generation System-DRS Technologies

Another work about OnBoard Power Generation by DRS Technologies. ONR funded work reveals a humvee with OBVP.

On-board Vehicle Power System-Oshkosh

Nowadays, on-board vehicle power generation is a hot topic. Instead of carrying bulky generator, an added equipment on board can generate enough power evenif the vehicle is moving.

USMC Joller Anti-IED System

An interesting US Marine Corps experiment for IED and mines..Bulky but clever

October 29, 2009

Dingo 2 Inside Out

pictures are from belgian army thread

General Atomics Blitzer System

General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems division (GA-EMS) has successfully fired multiple rounds for the first time in a prototype of its new Blitzer™ electromagnetic railgun air defense prototype system. These tests were performed at the US Army Dugway Proving Grounds under a contract with the Office of Naval Research.

Venezuelan Mi-35M ..looking good

GSh-23L canon with 470 projectiles

Urals Optical and Mechanical Plant GOES-342 TV/FLIR (OPS 24N) sighting system and a laser rangefinder (+30to-80 deg elevation)

Geofizika ONV1 night-vision goggles

pictures are from

Crash and Collision Week

Ecuadorian Air Force Dhruv Helicopter crashed during AirShow

Collision of Japanese Destroyer, JS Kurama with 7400 ton Korean Container Ship, Carina Star in Kanmon Strait near the island of Kyushu

pictures are from Japanese, Ecuadorian, Indian Internet and